Apr 24

How To Rollover Your Retirement Into A Gold IRA

federal reserve bankYou may be a little unsure of how to manage an IRA if you are new to investing or having your own IRA. You can rollover your IRA to gold if you are uncertain about the stock market and how it may turn out. This can help protect your investment. This will help insure that you will not be placing your future in the hands of a volatile stock market. Gold can also be utilized as a way to protect your retirement from inflation as well. For some people, the concept of an IRA to gold rollover is a brand new concept. They have no idea of what to do or where to go with it.

Learning About Gold IRA Rollover

You need to know which company you can trust to take your IRA and purchase gold at the best price available. This insures that you are getting the gold that you want. You will also learn about the process of it. You will also learn what you need to know to make the best decision about how to turn your IRA into a solid investment plan. That plan will always be easily accessible and liquidated. You will always be constantly aware of the value of your IRA. It does not matter what the stock market or current inflation rates are, you will be aware of it.

How IRAs Can Be Used To Purchase Gold

IRAs are individual retirement accounts. The supply certain tax advantages. There are several different kinds of IRAs which can affect when the money can be withdrawn and the limits on yearly contribution as well as other factors. You can also utilize an IRA in addition to a 401k. You can also use it as part of an overall investment portfolio.

Purchasing gold is possible through an IRA. This is only if the current trustee or custodian of the IRA wants to manage that investment. If you have a self directed IRA, this can allow you to direct some of your IRA funds to be invested into gold. There is one requirement. That requirement is that the gold meets specific refinement and purity standards. A self directed IRA is the easiest way to invest in gold. You get to select how your IRA funds will be invested instead of the custodian or the trustee. That is the only exception. This lets you invest your money in whatever way is comfortable to you. This also ables you to always be aware of where your money is and how it is being invested as well.

What Happens To The Gold

Once you purchase it, the gold does not get delivered to you. The reason for this is that you can have penalties if the gold is delivered to you. This would be considered a disbursement of the IRA. Once you have put money toward gold, it will be delivered to an appointed depository. The depository will rely on who you select to be the custodian of your gold IRA. When the gold reaches the depository, you will be notified. You do not have to worry about your gold being taken out of the depository by anyone but you. You also do not have to worry about it being utilized by anyone but you as well.

Feb 27

Psychic Readings – Are They Real or Just A Scam?

Village PsychicThis has been a debate for some time now. Many believe that psychics and psychic readings are nothing but lies, lies to milk you out of all your money. There are others who believe that psychic readings are all very genuine. I’m going to be real, even the most authentic reading can be concocted just for your own benefit. There are some who do these readings who just tell the person what he or she wants to hear, such as companies like Oranum.com psychics. Where there is money, there is always going to be someone not so genuine. This is where the mistakes come into play.

If you want to get a genuine experience with a psychic, for what it’s worth, then you need to know what to avoid.

1) Never rely on the absolutes. What does this mean? Think of a phrase, something a loved one could have once used with you. Don’t write this down on list and use it to prove something. Some have done this. They assume that if the person is real, he or she will know what the word is/was. This is not always true. Contrary to popular belief and opinion, psychics are not mind readers. Personally, I feel they make that crap up on t.v. just to make things a bit more interesting.

A true experience will come without any limitations. A true experience comes with collections of thoughts and impressions, impressions which need to be interpreted. Here’s a helpful hint. Even the most authentic psychics can offer up wrong information. In other words, don’t put all your money into the experience and what happens. Even the genuine readers make their mistakes too. Doesn’t mean that are a fraud or scam, it just means they make mistakes.

2) Never answer something too thoroughly. This is another mistake many make. They feel the need to correct the psychic or explain why they answered a certain way. Avoid this. Just give yes or no answers. A genuine psychic will lead you, they don’t want to lead them. You should also not set up limitations on certain answers. Say you have a friend named Thomas. Let’s say the person says “Tom.” If they ask if you have a friend by that name, answer a big yes. Always leave room for interpretation and a small margin for error. As I said, psychics are people too. They make mistakes.

The psychic cats 19983) Avoid giving out too much information. It’s called having “Verbal diarrhea.” For us writers, it’s when we overstuff words. You need to be simple and concise. This is why so many assume that many psychics are frauds. We all do it at one point or another. The trick is recognizing it. Just be simple and to the point.

4) If you are being asked for large sums of money for the services, this is bad. This person is there to help you, not hurt you. If you encounter someone who says “they need a large sum of money to get rid of a dark entity”, please run in the other direction.