Jul 09

Practical Tips For Improving Home Security

home security systemBurglars target wealthy neighborhoods because they know that the home is probably filled with valuable items that they are able to pawn. Often, the residents are away traveling and their security is minimal. Burglars also target upper middle class homes because the residents feel safe and secure in their little enclave.

Often, you hear reports on the news about residents in those areas, leaving their doors and windows unlocked. Some even leave the keys in the car’s ignition and the garage doors up. Sliding doors are left open to let the residents gain easy access to the back yard. Well, the fact is that burglars are smart. They target wealthy neighborhoods and the upper middle class areas because the occupants in those neighborhoods feel secure and let their guard down.

Upgrade Home Alarm System

Basic home security begins with installing a home alarm system. The best security systems are wired through the home and connected to the telephone lines in the home. Smart burglars realize this fact. They merely cut the telephone lines that are going into the home to disable the alarm system. Home security experts suggest that those living in exclusive neighborhoods or areas that notice an increase in burglaries upgrade to a system that uses the new cell phone technology to monitor the home and send calls to a monitoring station.

Upgrade Sliding Doors

Many burglars gain easy entry to the home through sliding doors. People feel so secure in their home that they leave the sliding doors open or the sliding door is equipped with a flimsy lock. Upgrade home security by burglar proofing the sliding doors. Install a high quality lock that is made specifically for sliding doors. Another solution is to install a metal bar onto the sliding door tracks to prevent easy entry.

Upgrade Lighting

Burglars inspect neighborhoods looking for vulnerable homes. They like to target homes that appear unoccupied. It is always a good idea to install security flood lights on the exterior of the home. Install automatic timers on lights inside the home to let the burglars know the home is secure and occupied. This should make them avoid your residence now and in the future.

Upgrade Locks

One of the easiest ways to improve security quickly is with heavy duty, dead bolt locks. Some homes still have spring latch locks on their exterior doors. Spring latch locks are practically useless. Any burglar could easily spring the lock with a credit card and gain entry within seconds. Upgrade to a durable dead bolt lock to improve security and keep out intruders.

Window Security

Inspect all the locks on windows in the home. Are the locks in working order? Some home owners actually are very pessimistic about upgrading small things like window locks. Burglars rely on this lack of security to help them gain entry to the home. Upgrade locks on all windows. Install shatter-proof glass or double pane glass to make breaking them difficult. High crime areas might require iron bars across vulnerable windows. Consult a home security specialist for more information on that security upgrade.